and those sworn to protect and serve, and will continue to promote community-police relations through initiatives such as the civilian review board and body cameras.


    • Removed police officers from the Police-Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission
    • Was initially the sole councilmember with this position
    • Persuaded his colleagues through public forums and tenacity
    • Creates more trust between the community and those sworn to protect and serve them.
    • Helped develop the new, state-of-the-art St. Paul Police training facility
    • Created the city Emergency Notification System for lost child, abduction, and active shooter situations
    • Funded a recent study of the fire department to improve their services

    Policy platform

    • Provide more training and make police pay competitive to retain officers who make relationships in the community. The increase in cost will be offset by the decrease in settlements the city will be paying
    • Improve community-police trust, and expand fire and police services
      Early advocate for body cameras for SPPD and not allowing officers to view video before writing reports
    • Continue the adoption of body cameras; ensure that officers are not allowed to view recordings before making their reports and develop a system to preserve the footage
    • Work with City Attorney's office to expand restorative justice initiatives, including increased access to diversion and sentencing reform