• Commissioned a poverty task force to look at local government practices and ordinances aimed at reducing the poverty rate and racial disparities in the city
  • Supported the resettlement of Syrian Refugees in Saint Paul
  • Recognized Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day
  • Leveraged economic opportunity for women and minority owned businesses through the Responsible Banking Ordinance
  • Supported the State’s Women's Economic Security Act and local efforts to build stronger economic future for women and working families in Saint Paul
  • Secured funds for Rondo Commemorative Plaza

Policy Positions

  • Committed to keeping St. Paul a Sanctuary City and protecting all of our neighbors, no matter where they come from, against persecution and deportation
  • Will not infringe upon the right of the people to peacefully assemble or protest, and will not use the City's authority to enforce any policies that do
  • Prioritize investment in traditionally ignored communities
  • Champion allocation of resources equitably across the city, and expand the racial equity work of Mayor Chris Coleman