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Together, we can create stronger and safer neighborhoods because we invest in one another, in the people who live, work, and play here. We can achieve progress for all of us when we prioritize our shared values of investing in families, securing safe and economic prosperity, and having access to an equitable government. My priorities will include -


Dai Thao cares deeply about making sure every family has the opportunity to succeed in St. Paul. As a father of five, Dai knows that youth of our city are its future.  We need to invest in them if we want St. Paul to prosper through all-day pre-K and after school activities for youth.

Public Safety

Every person in our city deserves to feel safe and protected, whether walking down the street or interacting with law enforcement.  Dai will continue his work to make the Saint Paul Police Department the best in the country, such as when he helped fund a brand new state-of-the-art training facility. At the same time, Dai understands the importance of repairing trust between the community and those sworn to protect and serve, and will continue to promote community-police relations through initiatives such as the civilian review board and body cameras.

Economic Development

An economically prosperous city has two pillars.  First, a strong business community.  Dai knows the importance of supporting local business owners and cutting red tape to encourage new businesses.  Second, a prosperous community.   Dai will invest in the people of Saint Paul, who in turn can support local economic development with a $15 minimum wage to help lift families out of poverty.


As an immigrant and a refugee who grew up in poverty, Dai knows firsthand the discrimination, individually and structurally that too many St. Paul residents face. We need to work together to ensure every one of us feel welcomed and has an equal opportunity to succeed which is why as Mayor Dai will not allow the SPPD to assist ICE in persecuting our neighbors.

Government Accessibility

Dai began as a community organizer because he believes government is for the people by all the people, not just the elites.  Since taking public office he hasn’t lost sight of that ideal. Dai will continue to work tirelessly to communicate with the members of our community, and to create opportunity for residents to co-govern and co-create policy.  As mayor he will work to streamline government services to be more responsive to community needs.  


Parking and traffic are constant struggles in urban areas. While there is work to do improving our roads for cars such as fixing our potholes quickly and keeping the roads plowed. We must also prioritize city funding for bicycle paths and public transit opportunities, so that everyone can travel around our city with ease.

Environment and Recreation

For the health of our city, our green spaces and tree canopy cannot be taken for granted. Our neighborhood parks have been neglected for too long and Dai will reinvest in them so our families have a safe place to enjoy the outdoors. We must work diligently to preserve and expand our city’s focus on environmental issues to do our part in the fight against climate change.

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